Lori Grimes

Lori GrimesLori Grimes is one of the Atlanta camp survivors. She is married to Rick Grimes and is the mother of Carl Grimes. In her previous life, Lori was a housewife and mother. Although there were things in her marriage about which she was unhappy, she realized how much she really loved her husband when she thought she’d lost him. She left her hometown with her son, under the protective wing of Shane Walsh, headed to Atlanta and the hope of a survivor’s camp.

While traveling to Atlanta – thinking her husband was dead – Lori was drawn to Shane Walsh and the two began an affair. This relationship ended when she was reunited with Rick. Lori was angry with Shane for telling her Rick was dead, thinking Shane lied to her, but he honestly thought there was no way Rick would’ve survived. Shane continued to make advances on Lori after Rick appears, telling her that he, not Rick, is best equipped to protect her, Carl, and her unborn baby, which Shane believes is his child. His love for Lori borders on obsession and was seen by many as the catalyst for Shane’s irrational behavior and ultimate death at the hand of his former best friend, Rick.

Lori Grimes played by Sarah Wayne CalliesLori Grimes is played by American actress Sarah Wayne Callies, best known for her role as Dr. Sara Tancredi on the television series Prison Break. She has appeared in The Celestine Prophecy and Foreverland and also appeared in guest roles on the television shows Numb3rs, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and House.

  • The Walking Dead isn’t the first time Callies has appeared in a production also featuring Michael Rooker; both were in the 2007 movie Whispers.
  • Callies was born in La Grange, Illinois, but raised in Hawaii, where her family moved when she was just a year old; both her parents were college professors. Her father taught law; her mother taught English.
  • Callies is married to Josh Winterhalt, a martial arts instructor, whom she met while attending Dartmouth College. The couple has a daughter, Keala, born in 2007.
  • Regarding her character’s pregnancy and its impact on the relationship between Rick and Lori, Callies told TV Guide in November, 2011 Rick “deeply needed to hear her say that she thought he was gone. She wasn’t secretly burning a candle for Shane for the last eight years of their marriage.”
  • In the graphic novel, Lori and Shane were only together once and Lori is forthright about telling Rick she is pregnant. There are no “abortion pills” in the graphic novels.
  • Also in the graphic novel, Lori, Shane and Carl are headed not to a survivors’ camp in Atlanta, but to the home of her parents, thinking they will be safer there.
  • Lori never said she thought that Rick was dead in the graphic novels. She thought he was in a coma and would be safe in the hospital until they could return home after everything was over.