Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier from The Walking TV Series

Carol Peletier is one of the Atlanta camp survivors. Carol is a very soft-spoken and seemingly timid woman when we first meet her. She was a housewife prior to the outbreak as evidenced by her comment in one episode that the thing she misses most was her washing machine. She is also a devoted mother who is very protective of her daughter, Sophia. Her timid nature is undoubtedly the result of having been married to the verbally and physically abusive Ed. As the series goes on and Ed is killed by walkers and Sophia becomes a walker that must be put down by Rick, Carol seems to gain some confidence and appears to be less of a shrinking violet.


Carol is played by American actress Melissa McBride. She has appeared in the films The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys and The Mist as well as the made for TV movies Living Proof, The Promise, and Pirates of Silicon Valley. McBride has also guest starred on many television programs including Dawson’s Creek, Profiler, In the Heat of the Night, and Walker, Texas Ranger.

  • McBride was working as a casting director in Atlanta, Georgia when she got the call from her agent that Frank Darabont wanted to cast her in The Walking Dead.
  • She is a native of Lexington, Kentucky. Other famous thespians from Kentucky include George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Sean Young.
  • McBride describes playing Carol as “almost like witnessing a car wreck” in an interview. She went on to add “It didn’t happen to you, but you still have the sense of having witnessed this kind of terrible thing.”
  • In the graphic novel, Ed does not appear. Carol suggests that her husband, who is never given a name, committed suicide after the outbreak. She tells the others that he “couldn’t deal with it” and “just sort of gave up on life.”
  • The inclusion of Ed as her husband, according to Robert Kirkman in The Walking Dead Chronicles, was to give her a solid foil to produce the strength needed to survive where the comic book version wouldn’t have.
  • McBride appeared with Jeffrey DeMunn and Laurie Holden in the Darabont project The Mist.
  • In the graphic novels, Sophia is not among the walkers in the barn, in fact she is never bitten….at least not thus far in the story.
  • Lurae Alexandria Bailey

    Saw the preview of season 3 where Carol is using a rifle, glad to see so growth of your character than beening a weak woman…