The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-ray

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-ray

TWD Season 3 Floating Zombie Heads CaseFor the release of The Walking Dead Season 2 Limited Edition on Blu-ray last year, we got the brilliantly gruesome R.V zombie with the screwdriver in the eye. It made for one of the best DVD case’s I had most likely ever seen. Well, at least until now that is…

For Season 3, McFarlane Toys really have went ahead and outdone themselves. They have designed this case around The Governors collection of decapitated walker heads in the fish tanks. There are 5 heads in total, and even better it lights up thanks to an LED light. Not enough for you? How about this – you can even fill it up with water and watch an iconic scene from The Walking Dead come to life right before your eyes. Just imagine having this one sitting on your shelf.

Check out some of the pictures below which have been released by MTV Geek. What are your thoughts on this limited edition case, does it top Season 2′s one for you?

Here’s what Robert Kirkman had to say about the process involved whilst working with McFarlane on this: “McFarlane has a very intimate relationship with AMC, so I was approving concepts on this Blu-Ray case before Season Three even aired… So while we were building things on set, Todd and the team at McFarlane Toys were coming in and scanning actors and scanning props. So having them come in and do the fish tank with the severed heads while we were still building it for the show is a pretty cool thing, and I think makes these products much more accurate and cooler for the fans.”

“I’m sure every mom in America will not approve of this, nor will she run out and buy it!,” said McFarlane about the new cast. “But once she gets out of the way, there’ll be tons of people that will enjoy it just for the good clean fun that it is!”

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition CaseAs of now there is no official release date or pricing for this case. I will make sure to keep you all updated with news as and when it is released. If you are planning on Pre-ordering when it becomes available, I would do so fast. I can see these selling out real quick!

So what do you think Walking Dead fans? Can you see this sitting up on your shelf in the near future?

You can now Pre-order yours from

Source: MTV Geek

  • Iain Geddes

    I want it NOW!!

  • Dennis Clarke

    Looks to be a great set. Get me on the pre-order list!!!!!

  • Danny Greene

    REVOLUTIONARY! Very few times do TV shows and Movies raise the bar helping to set a greater standard for future productions! Well that is walking dead and not only the show but also the case that holds and displays such a visual masterpiece! Walking Dead has made me a Fan! Not just a fan of the series but a FAN of whole walking dead universe! This case is just one more amazing step into the future of presenting your collection in jaw dropping style!!!

  • Helen Flora

    I have already requested this as a gift from family, got season 2 with screwdriver zombie. This will be a great addition to my collection. When is it due to be available?