Is Daryl Dixon better off without a love interest?

Is Daryl Dixon better off without a love interest?

Fans of The Walking Dead fell in love with original character Daryl Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus, without hesitation. Reedus brings such finesse and dare I say sexiness to such a rugged character. Towards the middle of season two, the writers gave hints to a possibility of maybe Daryl and Carol becoming an item. The two characters seemed to have a small amount of admiration towards one another. With the death of Carol’s beloved Sophia, Daryl was there to comfort her in a way us fans didn’t expect to see. That gave hope to those who want a Daryl/Carol hook-up down the road. At the beginning of season three, specifically in episode one of season three, you see Daryl showing a small amount of affection towards Carol by massaging her back right before she makes a small, flirtatious comment about ‘fooling’ around. The writers again gave hope to a possibility of a relationship from the get go. Throughout several episodes, the writers make you wonder if there is something brewing between these two characters. I truly do believe Carol cares for Daryl and vice versa. During those few episodes where we thought Carol was dead, I personally hoped Daryl would find her himself and he did. The scene where he lifts her up into his arms and carries her back to the group was so poignantly done. Melissa McBride brings such grace to Carol.

Do I believe Melissa and Norman have chemistry? Yes, I see the chemistry there. It seems like a natural chemistry that has built over time. Here in lies yet another good question. Do Norman Reedus’ fan girls want to see Daryl have a love interest or do they want to keep guessing if it’s in Daryl’s system to be vulnerable and romantic? There have been rumors that Daryl and Carol are going to hook up in season four. There have also been rumors that Daryl and Michonne might hook up. And the worst rumor of all in my opinion is a Daryl and Beth hook up. Beth is just a kid. Granted, Emily Kinney is in her twenties, but the character of Beth is a kid. I’m not quite sure how old Daryl Dixon is supposed to be, but I do know that Norman is 44. Reedus’ birthday is the day after mine, LOL. The thought of Daryl and Beth is like robbing a cradle. Therefore, my question is simple. Is Daryl Dixon better off without a love interest? My answer is yes, he is better off without a love interest.

My reasoning is pretty simple actually. Yes, I will admit I am a Reedus fan girl, but I’ve followed his career before he was on our favorite zombie show. He’s an amazing actor. But, we aren’t talking about Norman. We are talking about Daryl. Daryl Dixon is, in my opinion, one of the leaders of the group. Like cutting the head off of the proverbial snake, if you give him a love interest you loose a piece of Daryl Dixon. Yes, it’s sweet and endearing to see Daryl’s softer side (i.e. holding Little Ass Kicker Judith), but in the end, he needs to be the strong, stubborn, kick ass leader we know that he is. Maybe Daryl needs a little bit of love, I don’t know. Hooking up with someone? Maybe if it was a one time thing, I might go for it. But, I truly do believe that if the writers give Daryl a relationship with someone, it will ruin what Reedus has molded that character into. If the writers will let our imaginations run wild in our heads and keep us wondering, it will keep us tuned in. I’ve written a few fan fictions that gives Daryl a character love interest. It’s nice to let my imagination run wild and I like it that way.

It’s like what Robert Kirkman said in an interview, “Don’t tell me you will riot if I kill Daryl, because I will kill him out of spite.” I’m with Kirkman on this one! Don’t give Daryl a love interest/scene because it will ruin the character. And I happen to love Daryl Dixon and would love it if he wouldn’t die, but if Kirkman decides to kill that character, I will still watch the show. Let’s quit asking for a love interest and stop saying we will riot!

  • Iain Geddes

    If Daryl riots, we ALL DIE!

    Brilliant article Kristyn, I am really looking forward to seeing more articles from you. You have gave us a lot to think about here!

  • Kristyn Edmonds Tower

    Thanks Iain!

  • michelle

    Finally! Somebody who shares the same sentiment as mine about Daryl.

    Carol is the mother Daryl (probably) never had, and Beth is more like a sister (he never had)–that’s all that there is to it. Fans are just reading too much into Daryl’s relationship with the other survivors. Out of desperation to pair him with somebody, anybody…….

    And if Daryl dies, he’ll go out with style (and nobly, of course). His death is the ultimate justification of his character…but it probably wouldn’t be happening very soon.

    Another Daryl-fangirl