Daryl Dixon iPhone ‘Kitty’ Case

Daryl Dixon iPhone ‘Kitty’ Case

Daryl Dixon iPhone CaseI came across this awesome iPhone case for everyone who is a fan of Daryl Dixon. It is done in the style of the popular ‘hello kitty’ and as you can see shows off Daryl with his crossbow, his walker ear-necklace and a dead squirrel that he has obviously hunted down. This is an extremely popular product amongst Walking Dead fans, especially those who are lovers of Norman Reedus.

As you can see with the picture I have included below, Norman Reedus actually uses this cover for his very phone.

If you are interested in getting this for your iPhone then you can check it out over at Redbubble. It is available for iPhone 4S/4, 4G and 3GS. The Daryl Dixon Hello Kitty also comes in the form of stickers, clothing, cards and prints.

Norman Reedus has Daryl Dixon phone coverGet Yours Today, Click Here

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    March 21, 2012

    Does anyone here happen to own one of these?


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    March 25, 2012

    Wish they’d come up with covers for Android phones (yes, for us PC-not-a-Mac types…)


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